Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Interested In Talking About Spiritualtity With a Dentist?

Well, it can be done with the Total Success Seminar! This is an audio conference with Dr. Joe
Capista who is the author of What Can a Dentist Teach You About Life and Success.
If you purchase this book, you will receive a spot on the teleseminar while they last and over $2,551 in bonus gifts. If you purchase this book within the next 24 hours, you will automatically receive a spot in Dr. Capistas audio conference. How great is that?? Check it out: http://www.joecapista.com/amazon.htm

Dr. Capista shares great information on manifestation, law of attraction and spirituality. Plus, tips to success on health, happiness and great relationships. These principles have allowed him to become successful in his own life and he now shares them with you. He has been married for over 34 years and is the in the top 3% of revenue generators in this nation. Now, you can be this successful also if you check out this great book! To learn more, visit http://www.joecapista.com/amazon.htm .

Here’s to greater success! Have a good day!

Elizabeth Bennett

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