Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Blog Jog Day!

Greetings! Its Blog Jog Day and glad you are here! Also, its Mothers Day and a special shout out to all Moms out there! May your day be special and full of fun!

You can learn more about this fantabulous day by visiting the Blog Jog Day Blog. Also, check out this other great blog Daily Grace as well.

Have fun and again, Happy Mothers Day!

Take Care,


Ashley Ladd said...

I hate the Cranky Cathies in the workplace. We had one that was destroying our office and wasted so much time, not just hers but all of ours.

I jogged here and am glad I found your blog. I'm now a follower.

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Carol said...

Hey Elizabeth, Happy Mother's day and thank you for getting the link up! Better late than never!

Colette said...

Elizabeth, what an interesting blog concept! I like your template (it's the same one I chose for one of my blogs).

Colette said...

Elizabeth, it' so nice to meet you on the blog jog!

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Hello Elizabeth,
It had not occurred to me that a blog about bullying even existed. To have found yours on the Blog Jog was surprising. What an important subject for a blog! I'm sure your efforts will go far in raising awareness of this very serious and growing problem.
All the best,

Warren Baldwin said...

Thank you for visiting Family Fountain. I'm enjoying reading some of the posts on your blog. wb

Anonymous said...

Posted By: jessie tompkins

as an employee of the Montgomery Alabama Board of Education, I reported gang bullying and threats against me and other students and nothing was done. Actually the Board voted to fire me after I filed a police report, I further went to the media after the police report went missing. To complicate things, the Alabama Education Association (AEA) quit during my hearing.

Elizabeth Bennett said...

Hi everyone, thanks so much for commenting and stopping by. Wasn't Blog Jog Day awesome?? Kudos to Carol for coming up with this awesome idea and getting everyone involved.

I hope those of you who are mothers had a wonderful Mothers Day.

I tried to follow as many as I could from the blog jog. If I have not followed you yet please let me know and will be more than happy to.

Annonymous, oh dear, I am so sorry. I hope you were able to get everything worked out. These bullies and government buildings have so much corruption its not even funny......hang in there...I hope you were able to find some help at some point....

Thanks again everyone and have a great week!

Take Care,