Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Megan, MySpace hoax and Peer Abuse

Okay, I have been reading about this MySpace hoax the past couple of days. I am getting it in email, reading it here......everyone is shocked beyond belief that this could happen. Yeah, how could anadult even think of participating in this? Whats more....she takes very little if any responsibility for her actions in this and offers no apology and wants Megans family to "stop all of this".You know....I have to say it. I am not surprised in the least that this woman has reacted as she has. No, she has no remorse and shewas probably just "playing a joke. Gosh, can't ANYONE TAKE A JOKE????" Her behavior does not surprise me in the least. Afterall, aren't we a society that enables this? Follows this? Sets the tone for this? American Idol is the perfect example. Simon Cowell makes fun of a disabled boy. Its excused because "Its the business so yeah, Simon is justifiable". You know what? Tony Bennett and DollyParton are BOTH in the business and BOTH have publicially stated that they want nothing to do with this show because it is too mean. Simon even told Tony that its about money and as long as he is happy and getting the green, who cares? Yet this is so acceptable and his behavior is wonderful.

In our society, if you are sensitive and considered a "wimp" or "weak". You are considerate and actually CONCERNED about someone and you "worry about what others think of you." If you vent and actually talk to someone about your thoughts, feelings and frustrations you are considered a "whiner and nobody wants to hear it or feels sorry for you so grow up..blah blah". People drop one another like dropping a leaf. Dropping a book. If people are not as we want them to be or do not conform to certain behaviors, we are considered "problems". We live amongst one another and could careless how we treat one another. Its "justifiable". Last night, I accidently hit the wrong button on the television and my mother went off on me. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!! Yet, the yelling came. There is no room for error. No room for compassion. No room for acceptance. No room for a person to be themselves. And you know what?? It gets to be too hard to live up to after a while. These kids are being taught this and are killing one another. Its my generation that are raising kids today. It is our generation that started spitting on each other, stepping on one another, physically hurting each other, emotionally killing each other, having no regard for one another, setting each other on fire etc. True, not everyone in our generation was peer abused, however, those of us that were are aware of how horrible people can be. Yet we saw these same people get away with their crap. This brings me to this parent. My guess (but I do not know) is that this woman is amongst my generation, abused her peers growing up and got away with it. Now, she is caught, yet she is protected as her name is annonymous and you know what?? She should have been charged with first degree murder yet she is walking. Again, the bully gets away with it. Her daughter should be punished but this woman should be locked up. She is a sociopath for crimeney sakes! Okay, I have never evaluated her but a child killed herself over her actions and she has yet to apologize?? Avoid responsibility, twist words and events and hey! Its all good. No, its not all good, its sick! Very sick and angers me that she is getting off scott free in this. So is her daughter.

Lets get real....we are a society that caters to pathological behavior. We excuse it. We punish the victims. Nobody thought about how this would affect Megan. Never mind she was peer abused and on meds and her psyche was fragile. No, that does not matter. All that matters is that Megan cannot take a joke more than likely. Yeah, that is probably her excuse. Someone is emotional, they are too sensitive. You know, I am PROUD to be sensitive. PROUD that I cry. PROUD that I get hurt by conflict. It makes me compassionate, caring and to actually give a damn about my fellow man. If something is wrong with this, well, time to evaluate society and what it brings to the table. Also, it makes me a good friend. I support my friends, listen to them when they hurt, help them when they need it and never turn my back on them because they "say this" or "do that". The only time they get shown the door is when they get abusive. And I have the wisdom now to know the difference. I will NOT be peer abused! NO!!!!

Okay, this rant probably makes NO sense but its how I feel. It angers me that this woman is getting away with this. It angers me that she has not apologized to Megans family. It angers me that she takes no responsibility. Most important, it angers me that the media is protecting who she is. I am probably coming off as judgemental but oh well.....I am angry and this story has made me think about all of this. There is NO EXCUSE yet we, as society, excuse it. We want everyone to conform to one way of thinking. We want to forget that we have compassion, love and sensitivity in others. We just want to be mean and target people. Hurt them. Make them "grow up". Frankly, anyone who is in tune with these aspects of themselves aremore grown up than any grown up will ever be. Again, this is my own opinion.

Anyway, I had to vent.....somewhere. I will continue to hold on to my beliefs. Because I have some darned good qualities that folks like this hoax woman will never have. As for her, shes pathetic .Makes me wanna barf......GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this far, thanks. I know this makes no sense but to me, these are conclusions I have drawn from this. As long as we "adore Simon and his cruelty", hide this womans name as she is too much of a coward and own up to this.....well, what else can we say?? Also, I hope this did not offend anyone. Its the woman I am angry at, not anyon eelse. Its sick......yet acceptable. What else can I say????


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Good for people to know.

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