Monday, November 26, 2007

Letter Concerning Lori Drew

Here is the letter I sent to MO people concerning Megan Meier. I typed it out and its going out today. The lady who was behind this MySpace prank is named Lori Drew. She has a blog on here trying to excuse herself out of this by blaming Megan. How low can she sink???( Yes, a grown woman created this and sent this child over the edge. What does this say about our society? Anyway, I sent this letter out today to the Sheriffs Department, District Attorney and House Representative in that area. If you wish to have this info, please email me and will gladly share it.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Bennett and am sending this concerning theMegan Meier and Lori Drew situation in your area.I am enclosing a copy of a blog this woman, Lori Drew, hassupposedly started on the internet. I will just get to the point here. WHY is this woman still walking the streets free as a bird? This is someone who is not well mentally yet the press was willing to protect her privacy. Her actions are what sent Megan over the edge. Yet, Lori is not charged with anything and expresses no remorse towards this. Word has it that she saw Megan's mother in a store and asked her to stop talking to the press. I hope Mrs. Meier speaks to the press from now until Kingdom Come! There is no justice here! None! This woman, a woman of consent went on the internet, setup a bogus Myspace account with a bogus boy named "Josh". The reasonshe did it? Because she wanted to see what was being said about her own daughter? My gosh, this is a grown woman with a family! A member of the Chamber Of Commerce! What does this say about the mentality of your community? The Meier family is charged for destroying a foosball table yet Mrs. Drew is charged with absolutely NOTHING? All she does is put up some sorry excuse of a blog blaming MEGAN for this??

Needless to say, the Anti-bullying Community is in an uproar over this. There is no justice in this and this woman should be charged with murder. Are you aware of the dangers of Peer Abuse? That's right PEER ABUSE. This is bullying with a clinical term for it. Its high time you all get an education on this. Lori Drew is nothing more than a sociopath and by allowing her to roam the streets freely, all you are doing is enabling criminal behavior. Please, lets see justice be served. Justice for Megan! Have a good day.

Regards,Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed

I left my land mail and phone numbers where they can find me. I amnot putting them up on a public board though. I hope they arebombarded with letters. This case has burned me to the core.

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